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pink screen?

  • the local firewall does not allow incoming/ougoing UDP (there should be an option to specify a fixed local UDP port...)
  • utcrypto / mode = hard: as softray does not support encryption, right now.
  • have you enabled lan connections? check with utadm -l; change with utadm -L on

local firewall

for testing disable it, or try enabling incoming UDP (outgoing traffic is usually allowed by local firewalls -- softray needs outgoing TCP 7009)

How do I setup a testing environment?

Well, there are many different ways to do this. I tend to virtualize all I can:

I am doing all protocol observersions on a Lenovo x86_86 notebook, Fedora12 (Fedora11 previously), VirtualBox, WindowsXP VM - RDP server, Solaris10 VM - RayServer.

The LDAP-database on the ray server can be analyzed with jXplorer (SF.net site).

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